Annual Retreat: Autumn Equinox

Shift Between Seasons with Astrology, Yoga, Sound Healing, and more in Central Alberta

Situated amongst a pine forest and nestled next to a trout-filled creek sits a quaint and architecturally magnificent sauna house and tipi, which is indigenous-owned and operated. This little piece of heaven is open year round to accommodate guests as they relax, rest, and rejuvenate, and it is the site of this year’s Solar Power Health Autumn Equinox Retreat.

Join Sandy and return to nature and your roots, all in the splendor of the incredible Ascension Wellness Spa.

Even better, Sandy will use this retreat to introduce Seasons of the Soul: a program to transform how you Heal and to connect you to your Life’s Work (what you are here to do), your Evolution (what you are here to learn), and Your Purpose (what you do to find fulfillment). Using Astrology, Gene Keys, Yogic Philosophy and Earth’s Seasons, this retreat will help you embrace the shift from summer to autumn while you enjoy glamping at Ascension Springs Wellness—close to lush forests, the Raven River, and Caroline, Alberta.

Retreat Details

Dates: September 20–23, 2024

Location: Ascension Springs Wellness—On site there is a wood-fired sauna, four cold-plunge pools (with optional creek plunging), tipi with a wood-burning fireplace, an Artesian water well, an outdoor fire pit with Adirondack chairs, and herbal teas. Though we will be surrounded by majestic nature, there is also a bathroom on site, a large change room, sauna robes and flip flops, and what can only be described as an outdoor spa.


  • Bring Your Own Tent: $710
  • Enjoy a Glamping Tent: $810

This retreat includes the following:

  • Glamping, if not bringing your own tent (presented by Halcyon Havens)
  • Yoga and Sound Healing in the teepee (yoga styles are Slow Flow, Hatha, and Qigong)
  • Learning Wim Hof Breathwork in a Cold Plunge Tub
  • Wild crafting
  • Mushroom foraging (if conditions permit)
  • Nightly Fires with Ceremony and Circle
  • Collaborative instruction in learning to work with the genus loki of the land
  • Deep grounding practices featuring the art of Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese method of Forest Bathing
  • Chef-catered, organic plant-based meals (that are locally sourced whenever possible)
A large white tent that is ten feet tall in the centre and ten feet in diameter sits on a grassy hill overlooking a valley of pine trees. In the entrance to the tent is a blanket and pillows, and ten feet in front of the tent and on a blanket is a wood table with plates and flowers. Around the table sit plush round cushions.

Sample Itinerary

September 20th:

  • Fire and Opening Circle
  • Intention Setting
  • Sound Healing

September 21st:

  • Morning Sun Salutations with Mārdava Yoga and Breathwork
  • Breakfast
  • Cold Plunge or Creek Plunge
  • Foraging w/ Wild Crafting (Making a Tea)
  • Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing
  • Lunch
  • Seasons of the Soul (activating the Pearl Sequence for Abundance by looking at your Conscious Jupiter—your Pearl—and Unconscious Jupiter—your culture—in your chart)
  • Gentle Yoga Flow (to activate the Pearl Sequence)
  • Dinner
  • Optional Cold Plunge and Sauna or Fire
  • Sound Healing

September 22nd:

  • Morning Sun Salutations with Mārdava Yoga and Breathwork
  • Breakfast
  • Cold Plunge or Creek Plunge
  • Medicine Bag Ceremony
  • Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing
  • Seasons of the Soul
  • Gentle Yoga Flow (to activate the Pearl Sequence)
  • Dinner
  • Optional Cold Plunge and Sauna or Fire
  • Sound Healing

September 23rd:

  • Morning Sun Salutations and Breathwork
  • Integration and Closing Circle

For more information, contact Sandy.

A poster collage for Autumn Equinox Retreat. The background is a mountainous valley with green and gold trees and hills of green grass. The sun sets in the background. In the foreground is an photo of a person doing tree pose with their arms in the air and one foot that sits against the opposite thigh. The person's body is silhouetted against the sun rise and in front of them is a glimmering lake. Image text is included in the poster's caption.
Autumn Equinox Retreat from September 20 to September 23 at Ascension Springs Wellness: Spend 3 days and 3 nights glamping in nature and enjoy breathtaking breathtaking sunrise and sunsets to unwind. Whole food, vegan, catered meals to nourish you. Slow flow yoga with sound healing in a teepee. Foraging. Shinrin Yoku, ceremonies, cold plunge and wood sauna, all in beautiful nature. Seasons of the Soul astrology program to explore prosperity through simplicity by activating the pearl sequence.

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