Annual Retreat: Mountain Immersion

Find Fresh Empowerment in the Heart of Nature

Join us June 2nd–5th, 2023, for an incredible weekend full of opportunities to move beyond your comfort zone and tap into your deepest reserves of strength and energy.

This retreat will feature sacred circles and fire ceremonies for the New Moon and Dark Moon. We will go on a full-day nature hike to an incredible lake that will bring us in touch with each other, ourselves, and our environment.

One of the highlights will include a cold water immersion course led by Wim Hof Certified Angela Knox—the Barefood Blonde, herself.

Plant-based, whole food meals will be provided.

A woman in a short dress stands in a lake with digital bursts of light all around her. Her body is a silhouette of purple hues and tree-covered teal mountains stand in the background on either side of her.

A Deeper Look into How You Will Experience, Learn, and Grow Throughout the Mountain Immersion Retreat

Angela and Sandy are coming together to share their tools of empowerment and teach you life-changing and life-affirming techniques that you’ll carry with you well after the retreat is over.

We’ll guide you through working with nature, hiking through wilderness, foraging, and wild medicines and cuisines. We’ll inspire you to eat whole, nourishing plant foods.

We’ll talk about breath work and cold water immersion—and how these things can change our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It’s going to be unforgettable. Spots are filling fast. <a href=”contact”>Contact Sandy</a> to inquire about whether spaces remain available.

Planned Plant Based Whole Foods Retreat Menu

The Mountain Immersion Retreat Menu overtop a background of foggy, teal mountains that reflect on the surface of a lake below. The text on the image breaks down planned meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and it is fully described below in the body text.

Friday: Hearts of Palm Ceviche and Inside Out Baklava

Saturday: Dreamy Turkish Delight Coconut Porridge; Goji Basil Macadamia Cheese with Sunflower Dulse Crackers; Cauliflower Ranch Dip and Veggies; Eggplant Parmesan with Tamarind Caesar Salad

Sunday: Savory Quinoa Breakfast Bake with Fruit Salad; Ginger Miso Ramen with Artichoke Fennel and Navy Bean Salad; Rainbow Macro Bowl with Crispy Tofu

Meet Your Facilitators for the Mountain Immersion Retreat

Angela Knox

Angela Knox—aka the Barefoot Blonde—is a certified Wim Hof Instructor, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, and Yin Yoga teacher.

Sandy stands on some rocks and looks down toward her hands. She touches the thin leafless branches of a bush on the ground in front of her. Behind her is a taller, leafless bush and a rocky field of yellow grasses.

Sandy Mulroy

Sandy Mulroy of Solar Power Health is a certified Shamanic and Karuna Reiki Master, an Herbalist and Wildcrafter, a Sound Healer and Ceremony Facilitator, and Psychological Astrologer.

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