Annual Retreat: Wild Alchemy

Find Fresh Empowerment in the Heart of Nature

The sun sets behind a shadow-covered Rocky Mountain range.

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Join us May 10th–13th, 2024, for an incredible, intensely alchemizing weekend full of opportunities for profound pivotal change and insight. Because balance is everything, it is also deeply restorative and connective. Jessica Meister and Sandy come together to share their tools of empowerment and teach you life-changing and life-affirming techniques that you’ll carry with you well after the retreat is over.

This retreat features gentle yoga, sound healing meditations, plant medicine ceremonies, and so much more. All meals are provided and are vegan and gluten-free. Read below for full details.

Retreat Details

Dates: May 10th–13th, 2024

Location: The Rocky Ridge Country Lodge


  • Single Room: $750
  • Loft Room: $800
  • Private Room: $850

This retreat includes the following:

  • 9-dimensional breathwork
  • Astrology and gene keys
  • Gentle yoga
  • Sound healing meditations
  • Plant medicine ceremony
  • Supported cold plunge in a mountain glacier lake
  • Integration time

All meals are provided and will be plant-based and gluten-free.

Contact Sandy to inquire about whether spaces remain available.

Note: Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.

Meet Your Facilitators for the Wild Alchemy Retreat

Jessica is a mid-age women with a medium-light skin tone and long curly dark hair. She smiles and looks downward, and she wears a white lacey dress with spaghetti-thin straps.

Jessica Meister

Jessica Meister runs Mindful Body Experience through which she coaches and inspires others via heart-centred coaching, alchemy singing bowls, and more. She aspires to bring positivity to the lives of others and to help them realize their full selves.

Sandy stands on some rocks and looks down toward her hands. She touches the thin leafless branches of a bush on the ground in front of her. Behind her is a taller, leafless bush and a rocky field of yellow grasses.

Sandy Mulroy

Sandy Mulroy of Solar Power Health is a certified Shamanic and Karuna Reiki Master, an Herbalist and Wildcrafter, a Sound Healer and Ceremony Facilitator, and Psychological Astrologer.

The sun glows through a break in the trees amidst a forest. Blanketing the ground are hundreds of fallen red leaves. Text reads, 'Wild Alchemy Retreat. May 10th to 13th. With Jess Meister of Mindful Body Experience and Sandy Mulroy of Solar Power Health.'

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