Solar Power Health Astrology-Related Services

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The Solar Power Health Cosmic Counsel

The Cosmic Counsel is an astrological offering that allows you to receive guidance and navigate the week ahead based on your own personal astrological transits.

At the beginning of every week, you receive a personalized recording that includes the following:

  • The current happenings in the solar magnetic field and how they work with your psychology
  • Major transits and information on when they are activated and how to best navigate them
  • One Lunar Return reading (a Lunar Return occurs when the moon goes to the exact spot it was when you were born; this allows Sandy to give you an emotional forecast for the upcoming month and advice for how to nurture your innermost self)
  • Updates on your Progressed Moon rotations, Solar Returns, and all other Planetary Returns as they occur
  • Exploratory intuitive readings from time to time with Draconic Astrology, Asteroid Astrology, Past Life Astrology, and other fun tangents as they pop up
  • Full Moon and New Moon information and how they will affect you based on aspects and house information; this is a great way to incorporate Lunar Cycles into your practice
  • A Solar Return Chart glimpse (when your birthday arrives, Sandy always does a special on Solar Return Charts, which outline themes of your upcoming year; during the reading for these months, Sandy condense a Solar Return Chart for your birthday week)

All of these offerings are available every week for $100 per month. If you pre-pay for 6 months, you receive a reduced rate of $480 for all 6 months.

If you are curious as to what the Cosmic Counsel is like in practice and would like to sample a reading or if you just want to purchase one week at a time, readings are available for $25 each.

Astrological Healing Certification Course

This is a 6-month course that’s held once a week every Wednesday evening from January to June.

Sandy wears a yellow dress and stands with arms out by her sides and palms facing forward. She looks up toward the sky. Around her is teal and green earth and a deep purple and blue sky in which the round moon hangs low.

The program involves learning how to use the Zodiac for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We learn about the following:

  • Astrological charts and how to read them
  • Psychological astrology
  • Medical astrology
  • Karmic astrology
  • Astro herbalism
  • Zodiac energy systems

The cost is $600.00.

Psychological Astrology Sessions

Using in-depth puzzle-solving methods, we look at your Natal Chart as a whole and shine a light on your shadows. I guide you through your unique cosmic programming and the beautiful transitions of your life.

Medical Astrology Sessions

We study your Natal Chart and use Astroherbalism to assess potential areas of weakness in your physical body. We piece together emotional and mental health connections to formulate a path forward that can allow you to keep yourself feeling incredible. 

Karmic Astrology Sessions

Looking at your Natal Chart, we glimpse into your Past Lives and any unfinished patterns that need to be broken. We delve into partnerships, family relations, surrounding environments, and much more. This information can help you evolve in this life while helping to heal past generational traumas and mistakes.

Synastry Astrology Readings

Synastry Astrology Readings are excellent both for couples that are already madly in love and for couples that are trying to reignite their spark. They’re also great for connecting with best friends, parents, children—or any individual with whom you’re working on a relationship. Together we learn how to speak our partner’s language and to see how cosmic programming can benefit the relationship.

Centaur Astrology Readings

The Centaur Asteroids in Astrology show us how to take our Trauma and turn it into our Power. Many of these sessions can be mixed with Sound Healing and Attunements.

A centaur stands in a stream behind a smooth gray rock. Around the centaur are bursts of white and pink digital light, and the stream flows with a steamy cloud blanket over its surface. Text reads, 'Centaur astrology: Identifying trauma and evolving your gifts.'

Astrology and the Akashic Records

This service is offer in collaboration with Terra of Heart2HeartJourney. It’s an in-depth and fun group event featuring 7–10 people wherein we look at each member’s Astrological Natal Charts and Akashic Records to dive into the nuances of past, present, and future experiences. These events are perfect for Corporate Icebreakers, Girls Nights, Family Events, Stag and Stagettes, and more!

Sessions are $400.00 for the group.

Sandy and Terra stand shoulder to shoulder with golden green starlight all around them. Sandy looks to the left and raises her palms up with light emanating from her hands. Terra faces the viewer with palms together in front of her hair. Both women have light skin tones and curled long blonde hair .Behind them is a wheel of astrological symbols.

Featured image on this page is c/o Greg Rakozy via Unsplash.