Solar Power Health Soundbaths and Ceremonies

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Solar Power Health regularly conducts Soundbaths and Ceremonies centred around a variety of topics including balancing your chakras, learning more about your past self while exploring what the future may hold, embracing the feminine and the divinity thereof, and more. Soundbaths are also offered to embrace and grow magic as well as to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Sandy also offers private Soundbaths and Ceremonies centred on whatever is inspiring or ailing you.

Private Soundbaths

Using a mix of pure quartz singing bowls and true tone alchemy crystal singing bowls, we welcome in the most ancient form of healing—the only one modern and holistic medicine can agree on! The vibrations and perfect HZ penetrate every cell in your body, raising your vibration and allowing your body to heal. The effects of a Soundbath can continue for up to 3 days following! All Solar Power Health Soundbaths start with a Ceremony of intention designed specifically for the recipients. The session and Ceremony last for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Sandy will travel to your place to do a Soundbath for you and your friends. The cost is $20 per person (minimum 5 people or $100). Note that there is a travelling fee if you are not in Cochrane.

Featured Soundbaths

Chakra Balancing Soundbath

With this Soundbath and Ceremony, we start by applying essential oils to the endocrine and chakra points of our feet to ground and balance. We focus our intentions and have a special ceremony to learn a little about where we need the most work. Then we relax and go through a guided meditation to release something from each of the 7 main Chakras. This is a powerful Soundbath and will leave you feeling light and balanced.

Time Travel Soundbath

This Ceremony starts with optional sipping of Blue Lotus tea to help us on our journey. We will do a little intention setting and go through some guided steps on how to handle the journey. This Soundbath allows us to visit any point of our life for a “Do Over” of Past Life issues and/or to get help from our Future Self. Bring a journal for this one—the realms and places people have gone to have been phenomenal.

Fire Ceremony and Soundbath

This is a great session and the most popular. We set up a grid, use fire to burn our obstacles and intentions, have a salt ritual (or smudge-making ritual—there are lots to choose from!), and sip on healing elixirs. Lots of smoke, lots of magic, and lots of letting go!

Inner Child Soundbath

This gentle Soundbath comes complete with Solar Power Health-style raw mylk and healthy cookies. It can be emotional but it is beautiful. Awaken the wisdom of the inner child within and proceed to heal the traumas of growing up. The meditation that accompanies this Soundbath involves a gift exchange and is very healing. This Soundbath is dear to my heart.

Divine Feminine Soundbath

By drinking an elixir for the sacral chakra, this Soundbath is all about connecting and awakening our Shatki. It is a powerful and sensual Soundbath to merge you with your feminine realm. It embraces sisterhood and support, and is a powerful, moving Soundbath. It involves a story, The Romance of Sati, as well as some wonderful spells and invocations to awaken our power.

Goddess Invocation and Meditation Soundbath

This is not a religious Soundbath. Rather, it helps us channel specific energies and shows us how to to find them within ourselves. It typically involves going through a Goddess Oracle Ceremony which allows us to explore the meaning of deity meditation and how it can heal us in our day-to-day activities. You will learn a new form of bringing energies into your life that can support you no matter what is coming your way.

Sabbats and Esbats Soundbaths and Ceremonies

Solar Power Health features Soundbaths and Ceremonies to honor any and all of the Sabbats, Moon Rituals, or changing of the seasons. You do not need to be Pagan or Wiccan for this Soundbath—you just need to want to celebrate, have fun and be open minded. These Soundbaths and Ceremonies change all the time but often feature smudge making, dandelion baking, candle making, and herbal tea foraging and crafting. We also often learn about tree medicine and crystal grids. You get the picture—these events are all about exploring creative ways to celebrate change.

Free Style Soundbaths and Ceremonies

Here we wing it! Themes will come to us organically. Perhaps we’ll explore dance or singing—the Soundbath flows and our energies flow with it!


All Soundbaths are $20–$25 per person. We will only hold the Soundbath if a minimum of 5 people are present (so bring your friends!). Also note that cakes, ale, snacks, elixirs, and more are usually available at an extra cost—it’s always best to make your requests in advance!