Solar Power Health Classes


Usui Reiki

Reiki is something anyone can choose to do—it’s a gentle healing modality that allows you to assist others by encouraging their bodies to heal. It’s also a way of life; to commit to being a Reiki master means following Reiki principles, and the energy itself will change you!

Becoming a Usui Reiki Master features 3 levels of training. Each level entails a full-day course, and Solar Power Health recommends taking some time between each to practice and develop.

Level 1: We explore the history and fundamentals of Reiki while learning about self-healing, how to use your hands to heal others, the entire chakra system in detail, inner and divine child healing, and much more! $175 per person

Level 2: We move into distance healing, learning about the 3 Reiki symbols and how to use them in addition to learning about the ascending chakra system and the ethereal bodies. This class leaves you with so many new tools to literally change the world! $175 per person

Level 3 and Master: I combine the last two courses in one intense day with the trust that you will continue on your journey with my continual guidance. Here we learn the master symbols, the microscopic orbit, violet breath, how to give attunements, prana control and much more! $500 per person

Karuna Reiki

(Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master)

Karuna—which sees Reiki as an evolving process—involves more intense energy and is what you’ll focus on if you choose to pursue Reiki after Usui. We learn new symbols to channel into our healing and daily life and cover the following (and more!):

  • Symbols that act as a soul anaesthesia
  • Symbols to help pin point problem areas and intensely work through them
  • Symbols to facilitate complete compassion, grounding and protection
  • Symbols for connecting to both a higher power and to personal power
  • Manifestation symbols
  • Symbols for advancing a sense of inner peace

We also learn how to embrace and heal the shadow self.

Like Usui, Karuna features 3 levels of training; however, with Usui Reiki Master as a pre-requisite, you can do all 3 levels in one day. $600 per person

Certification Courses

Crystal Healing Certification

This is a 3-level course that helps people at any level in their crystal journey. Dp you just want an introduction to crystals and to learn how to use them? Would you like to learn how crystals can help heal loved ones and clients? Or would you like to go all the way and use them in your craft and in all aspects of life? No matter your goal, Solar Power Health can help guide you on your crystal healing journey.

Level 1–2: I have combined Level 1 and 2—they go together perfectly.Even you’re just looking for an introduction, the next level provides an imperative view into the kinds of doors open to you when you choose to follow that path. During these levels we learn about choosing, cleansing, programming, and charging crystals. We also touch on pendulum use, crystal wheels and grids, elixirs and mists, the different quartz formations and their uses, chakras and stone work, attunements for accessing crystal power from certain grids, scrying, and so much more! $100 per person

Master Level: This course brings all we learned in Levels 1 and 2 to the ultimate level. It’s a much more active class, featuring an exam and practicum during the last half of the day. $100 per person