Solar Power Health Now Offers Custom Natal Charts

Posted by | March 11, 2021
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Have You Always Wanted Your Own Personalized Astrological Novel?

Solar Power Health is currently accepting orders for custom natal charts. These are physical, bound books that contain 150–200 pages of YOU—your natal chart as written in the stars (and in full colour). Here’s what you can expect to be included in your fully bound book:

  • Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign
  • Your Natal Planetary Aspects
  • Your Houses
  • Your Planets in the Signs and Houses
  • Your Chart Characteristics
  • Your Asteroids, Angels and Dwarf Planets
  • Your Karmic Aspects
  • And more!

Solar Power Health Natal Charts are a great way to deepen your knowledge of who you are at your core and to learn about everything from the cosmic science of your programming to the ways in which you can work with your unique Karma. Your own natal chart novel can help you understand your life’s purpose and learn more about your health, relationships, strengths, and weaknesses. Where should you focus your energies right now? Where should you give yourself a break? A natal chart can help you answer those questions—it’s like a dictionary to your cosmic tendencies in loving detail. It is the perfect self-help tool and is also great fun! Bonus: Natal charts make excellent gifts.

To learn more about purchasing your own astrological novel, check out the Natal Charts services page.

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