Welcome to Solar Power Health. I’m Sandy, the passion-filled founder and owner behind this holistic business. When I started SPH years ago, my dream was to share my love of health and wellbeing with others. My knowledge of and enthusiasm for superfoods, herbs, and crystals has now allowed me to turn SPH into my dream business, bringing different healing modalities into unique studio offerings that include relaxation sessions, sound baths, and guided meditations. I also like to share the light with others by teaching workshops on all of this and more.

I am a true sun worshipper—hence, the name of my business. The sun warms the soul and brings life and blessings to the earth. When I am not wholeheartedly dedicating myself to my business, you can find me out in nature, soaking up the sun with my beautiful dogs, hiking, or floating on a boat with my soulmate.

Olay01_sandyjazzne of my greatest passions is teaching. I teach workshops on superfoods, herbs, and other ways to find personal healing and growth. One of the reasons I love teaching is that it teaches me—there is so much out there to learn, and sharing with others is my favourite way to discover new and inspiring paths along this amazing journey! As a Lightworker and a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, I use energy in all my sessions to bring healing and balance to others; I also like to verse my students in the ways of Reiki with the hope of bringing more love and compassion into the world.

In addition, I teach certification courses! I lead students through Usui Reiki (Level 1 through Master and Teacher) and Karuna Reiki (Level 1 through Master). I can also guide students on their path to becoming Crystal Healing Practitioners (Level 1 through Master). 

Besides teaching, my herbalist spirit and know-how allows me to customize essential-oil and herbal-based massages for each soul I have the honour of welcoming into my studio. I truly believe in the power of the Earth, and as a Plant-Based Nutritionist working on my Master Herbalist certification, I’ve created an impressive collection of elixirs and potions that can alleviate almost any ailment, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. I bless each concoction with Reiki energy and loving intentions. All are infused with the power of the moon and the sun, adding healing benefits for all my patients.

For fun, I love to travel; I love seeing the world, experiencing different foods and cultures, and using those experiences to open up and enhance my own worldview. I love fine wine—I even took a first-level sommelier course a few years back just for fun. (Wine is undoubtedly the nectar of the gods!) And, above pretty much all else, I love animals—all animals. My dogs are the centre of my solar system. I have been vegan oriented for over 14 years now and love helping people find ways to creatively make that change in their own lives. If this is a path you’ve considered for yourself or are curious to know why I’ve headed down this road, don’t hesitate to ask!

Solar Power Health is based out of Cochrane, Alberta, but I serve Calgary and Okotoks as well. My hours of availability are 10 am-10 pm and my schedule is super flexible. I’m positive that together we can find a way to help you bask in the glow of natural health solutions!