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Solar Power Recipe: Nettle, Arugula, and Pear Soup

This soup is based off a recipe by Raw Chef Dan from Quintessence, a restaurant in New York. It's one of my go-to staples from my raw vegan days (I'm still majority raw vegan, but I *super love* cooked veggies and, I compromise), and I hope it'll become one of yours, as well. After all, it's the most perfect blend of flavours and so nutritious. Read more »

The Healing Vibrations of Food and Why it May Be Time to Try Going Raw

Going raw is on the rise among health-minded individuals—and for good reason. Many who try out a primarily raw diet (myself included) tend to find that it helps us feel so much better on the inside—and look so much brighter on the outside. Whatever your health goals are at this time, there’s a good chance that trying out a diet centred around eating primarily raw foods can help you achieve them. Read more »

Solar Power Recipe: Miso Soup

Last post I talked about the art and joy of acquiring new tastes. Here, I've got a recipe to help guide your journey toward loving some mighty and flavourful plant-based ingredients that are subtly comforting and add an Asian flair to your meal. This delicious soup is full of nutrients and probiotics, and the combination of seaweed and cilantro give it a detoxification power to rid the body of heavy metals. Read more »

The Art of Acquiring New Tastes

As someone who loves and craves foods that nurture my body, replenish my spirit, and make me feel powerful and strong, when I hear clients and the people I love turn away from a healthy plate and toward one full of processed foods—saying things like, “I don’t like the taste of this” or “I can’t handle the texture” or “I just don’t crave that food”—I can’t stop myself from raising an eyebrow. Read more »

Solar Power Recipe: Aloe Kale Smoothie

The Healing Power of an Aloe and Kale Mega Combo I love creating ways to make smoothies into a meal—something balanced with all the right kinds of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, not to mention tons of nutrients and superfoods! I also love filleting aloe. Not only is it super nutritious, but the leftover skin is nature’s band aid. I love rubbing it on all my Alberta-dry, windblown skin! Almost everyone has aloe in their home, […] Read more »

Solar Power Recipe: Cantaloupe Seed Milk

Cantaloupes: A Plant-Based Eater’s Dream Food Sometimes fruit gets a bad reputation—all that fructose! However, when eaten in its whole form, fruit’s health benefits come together nicely. Cantaloupe is one of the top foods that fight depression and its seeds are high in protein as well as the good kind of fats—not to mention minerals! Plus, these fats help slow down the absorption of sugar, lessening the impact on our blood sugar levels. And to […] Read more »

Solar Power Recipe: Vegan Mexican Chipotle Aioli

So Glyn went to Costco and being the fantastic husband that he is, grabbed me several giant bags of organic raw pine nuts. Soooo, my creative juices started to glow and Mexican food it was!! This dip works great as a dip, sandwich spread, for potatoes, black bean and corn salad dressing—I could go on and on!!! In true Mexican style I sliced up some jicama and sprinkled it with lime juice, olive oil, chipotle, salt and chopped cilantro. Best appetizer ever! Delicious and nutritious! Here's my recipe! Read more »

Solar Power Recipe: Cardamom Tea

We all are familiar with the wonderful spicy taste of cardamom, anyone who loves chai tea knows what I'm talking about. Did you know how effective Cardamom is at healing? Here are some magical properties of this incredible spice, whether you are chewing on a dried pod, sipping on a tea, or indulging in essential oil. Read more »