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The Healing Vibrations of Food and Why it May Be Time to Try Going Raw

Going raw is on the rise among health-minded individuals—and for good reason. Many who try out a primarily raw diet (myself included) tend to find that it helps us feel so much better on the inside—and look so much brighter on the outside. Whatever your health goals are at this time, there’s a good chance that trying out a diet centred around eating primarily raw foods can help you achieve them. Read more »

The Art of Acquiring New Tastes

As someone who loves and craves foods that nurture my body, replenish my spirit, and make me feel powerful and strong, when I hear clients and the people I love turn away from a healthy plate and toward one full of processed foods—saying things like, “I don’t like the taste of this” or “I can’t handle the texture” or “I just don’t crave that food”—I can’t stop myself from raising an eyebrow. Read more »